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Prehistoric M. It was first described in detail in two works of the author of this article. Unfortunately, the study of the cares of primitive man about health is fraught with considerable difficulties. However, archeology, anthropology and comparative philology provided material for judging this time. In addition, prehistory lives in the face of the modern savage. Primitive people paid little attention to the cleanliness of the body and home. Clothes were changed only a few times during my life, and therefore the skin was dirty.

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In the dwellings of the Stone Age, dirt accumulated in front of the doors and made up whole mountains, which, of course, emitted a strong stench in warm weather. Even the inhabitants of the pile buildings of the Bronze Age, who had abundant water under them, did not use it to wash their homes. Waste of all kinds lay in the huts for so long that numerous insects had the opportunity to lay eggs in them and go through the entire development cycle. At the very first people we meet fire, but the food was not cooked at first; the roots of plants, the fruits of wild trees were eaten raw, the killed animal was swallowed without any preparation.

automotiveIn the middle of the fourth period, meat was already cooked, but not in vessels, but in leather bags, which were filled with water, after which they threw hot stones there. Large mammals served the man of this time for food: a horse, a bison, also a mammoth, a cave bear, a lion, a hyena; later, when the deer spread, it became the main food item. Man sometimes killed birds, sometimes he was content with rats. A sad feature of man is the fact that he ate his fellows. In the neo-stone period, kitchen vessels represent a significant improvement; in them you can cook food directly on the fire.


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  • Viagra is made more varied; pets are consumed; bread was made from cereals, and mills were used to grind the grains; exciting drinks were invented: kumis and beer.
  • In the Bronze Age, the vessels were even better, the mills were improved, the fruits became tender due to the spread of horticulture. The terrible habit of eating human flesh persisted into these centuries.
  • During the Iron Period, the consumption of stimulating drinks increased and the preparation of wine became widespread; in America, tobacco smoking has become common. The first indications of burial are found in the era of cave animals.
  • The dead were then buried in a cave adjacent to the one occupied by the living.

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  • The grave cave was laid with stones and served as a burial place for several corpses in succession. The peoples of the New Stone period used the old caves for burial; but they also erected artificial caves, which were covered with earth from above. In the first half of the Bronze Period, each corpse was more carefully isolated, because it occupied a special room.
  • In the second half of the Bronze Period, the burning of corpses spread, but it was not a general custom even later. In the Iron Age, there is a turn towards burying. In hot countries, the rapid drying of a corpse in the sun gave rise to a special custom, established in the Stone Age: the deceased was smeared with oil and dried near the fire. At the beginning of the historical period in Egypt, simple drying was replaced by embalming.
  • The dismal conditions of existence of prehistoric man caused many more or less serious illnesses and prematurely brought him to the grave. What exactly were the primitive diseases - it is not difficult to guess, since the sanitary situation is known: eating disorders, skin diseases, infectious suffering, injuries received during hunting or in battle, etc. - hit people very often.

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    This state of the teeth is seen not only in Europe, but also in America on turtles belonging to different periods, both Old Stone, New Stone and Bronze. Even in 12-year-olds, the destruction of the chewing surface of the teeth already occurred. Their caries are no less frequent; it struck the inhabitants of the north more than the south. The tartar-covered teeth with food debris were obviously not kept clean.

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    June 18, 2021 / 7 Comments

    The man of the Ice Age, living in caves, often suffered, like cave animals, bone diseases. The teeth, due to poorly cooked food and poor bone development, were so worn out in primitives that they protruded no higher than the gums.

  • June 17, 2021 / 12 Comments

    In connection with dental diseases, the sufferings of the jaws are observed: inflammation of the periosteum and enlargement of the jaw are often encountered; tooth cells are disfigured. From the condition of the teeth, we can already to some extent get an idea of ​​how often primitive people suffered from toothaches. The ulcers affected both the head and other parts of the body and even caused disorders of the underlying bones.